New album on Massacre Records
Polish metallers SARATAN have inked a deal with Massacre Records! The band was formed by Jarosław Niemiec, Wiktor Niemiec, Adam Augustyński and Maciek Dudek in 2003 in Kraków, Poland. After some line-up changes, the band started recording a demo entitled "Infected With Life" in December 2005 at the ZED Studio with Tomek Zalewski, which received very good reviews in heavy metal magazines and webzines across the world. One year later the band decided to record their first full-length album "The Cult Of Vermin", which was released in April 2008 via the Italian label My Kingdom Music. The second album "Antireligion" followed in June 2010. SARATAN toured with bands such as Sadist, Virgin Snatch and Crionics. The band’s upcoming third album, entitled “Martya Xwar”, is going to be released on November 23rd via Massacre Records! SARATAN are: Jarek Niemiec – Bass, Vocals Adam Augustyński – Guitars Michał Stefański – Drums


  New signing!
We are happy to announce the signing of the French melodic metal band ASYLUM PYRE! From speed metal to progressive, passing through lyrical or ambient metal, the band draws elements from multiple genres to create its own identity. ASYLUM PYRE's sound offers catchy melodies and rhythm changes as well es quiet moments and powerful parts. Their songs are both catchy and intensive, because the band's strength lies in the messages of their songs. ASYLUM PYRE's debut album "Natural Instinct?" was released in 2009. The band's second album "Fifty Years Later" was recorded and mixed by Didier Chesneau and mastered by Elektra Masrering and is scheduled to be released on November 23, 2012 via Massacre Records! ASYLUM PYRE Line-up Julien Peuch - Bass Tony Decaillon - Keyboard Chaos Heidi - Vocals Johann Cadot - Vocals, Guitar Hervé Schiltz - Guitar


  Massacre sign TAINTED NATION
We're happy to announce the signing of TAINTED NATION! TAINTED NATION was officially introduced as band in late October 2010, but the band's history began earlier in 2009 when Pete Newdeck (Eden's Curse, Steve Grimmet) started to write songs with his friend Ian Nash (Steve Grimmet). Soon Pete and Mark Cross (Firewind, Kingdom Come) became close friends while being on tour together and talked about forming a new band with Pete as the lead singer. Pontus Egberg (The Poodles) joined TAINTED NATION in spring 2010 and completed the line-up. TAINTED NATION’ music can be described as a modern and powerful sounding hard rock. The debut album, produced by Pete Newdeck and mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward, was recorded in Greece, Sweden and the UK. “F.E.A.R.” will be released in December 2012 via Massacre Records. TAINTED NATION Line-up: Pete Newdeck – Vocals Mark Cross – Drums Ian Nash – Guitar Pontus Egberg – Bass


  New album
We're delighted to welcome SOUL SACRIFICE from Istanbul to our family! The band was formed in 1997 by the two guitarists Maksim and Feyzi. Maksim also did the vocals in the early days of the band, before he was replaced as vocalist by Baris in 1999. In 2001, Sevan (former bassist) and Cagri (former drummer) joined the band. The band recorded their first demo, "A Gift From An Angel". But the line-up shouldn't last forever. In 2003 Onur (drums) and Özgur joined the band as a bass player and vocalist. SOUL SACRFICE mostly play death metal with melodic tunes but their sound is also influenced by Turkish melodies and offers varied vocals. Their debut album "Stranded Hate", released in 2005, was a huge success. Being named "the most successful live band in Turkey", they played countless gigs in Turkey over the last decade. They had the chance to share the stage with Slayer, In Flames, Kreator as well as Dio and were opening act for Orphaned Land, Dark Tranquillity and Arch Enemy. Their upcoming album "Carpe Mortem" was mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö and is going to be released on June 29, 2012 via Massacre Records. The band has already shot a video clip for their new song "Comatose", which is available here: SOUL SACRIFICE Line-up Özgür Özkan - Vocals + Bass Guitar Feyzi Ocak - Guitars Maksim Kırıkoğlu - Guitars Onur Akça - Drums


  Debut album on Massacre Records
CHAOS THEORY are going to release their debut album through Massacre Records! The band from Italy has signed a record deal with us and will release their debut album "Bio-Death" in late June! The band was formed in autumn 2009 by guitarist Giovanni and drummer Michele. Vocalist Claudio, bassist Daniele and the other guitarist Davide joined the line-up and they soon recorded their first self-titled demo, which was released in 2010. Daniele left the band during the recordings of their upcoming album. This had no effect on the quality of the album. Multi-instrumentalist Maurizio Fracchetti, who is also responsible for the mix and mastering, stepped in as bassist on "Bio-Death". CHAOS THEORY are still looking for a bassist, though. Watch out for CHAOS THEORY, 'cause they're playing fucking hard and fucking heavy! CHAOS THEORY Line-up: Claudio Peterlini - Vocals Giovanni Spagnolli - Lead Guitar Davide Benedetti - Lead Guitar Michele Finadri - Drums


  New album on Massacre Records
We want to introduce you to our latest signing, MASTIC SCUM from Austria! The four-piece was originally formed in 1992. A year later, the band released their first 12'' EP "Ephemeral Cerebral Butchery". Several demos, EPs and split CDs followed, leading to the release of their debut album "Zero" in the summer of 1999 through Noise Variations. Within the following years, MASTIC SCUM released their albums "Scar" (Cudgel Agency, 2002), "Mind" (Cudgel Agency, 2005) and the latest album "Dust" (Twilight Rec., 2009), which was nominated for an Amadeus Austrian Music Award in 2010. The band has already played a lot of club and festival shows in Europe, Asia and the US, joining Marduk and Vader at their "Funeral Nation Tour" through Europe in early 2010, for examle! There were a few line-up changes in the past years and when Alex joined vocalist Maggo, guitarist Harry and drummer Man in spring 2010 as bassist, MASTIC SCUM were stronger than ever! Guitarist Harry about the signing: "We are proud to announce that we signed a worldwide deal with one of our favorite labels. We know Massacre Records since quite a long time and are happy to be a part of it now!" The band's currently working on their fifth studio album, which is scheduled to be released in fall 2012! MASTIC SCUM Line-up: Maggo Wenzel - Vocals Harry Gandler - Guitars Alex Schmid - Bass Man Gandler - Drums


  On tour with EPICA
VOICES OF DESTINY will support Epica on the second leg of their "Requiem For The Indifferent EU Tour 2012"! Xandria were announced as second support band. Here are all dates: 10.05.2012 LU Luxembourg City - Den Atelier 11.05.2012 DE Munich - Backstage Werk 12.05.2012 AT Vienna - Szene 13.05.2012 HU Budapest - Club 202 15.05.2012 PL Katowice - Megaclub 16.05.2012 PL Warsaw - Progresja 18.05.2012 CZ Zlin - Masters Of Rock Cafe 19.05.2012 CZ Prague - Kd Vltavska 20.05.2012 DE Berlin - C-Club VOICES OF DESTINY have also uploaded an announcement video here: Jan of Revealing Dawn is going to play the drums on tour.


  Debut album in summer!
We're delighted to announce the signing of the modern/melodic death metal quintet I SPIT ASHED from Germany! Modern and with a clear-cut course I SPIT ASHES manage to please their fans as well as the music press! Without neglecting their roots or following any trends, I SPIT ASHES don't want to sound like any other band, even though they sound familiar. And just like life, the band's songs are sometimes hard and angry, or smooth and sad. II SPIT ASHES is rolling hard like no other young band these days, but you'll also find quiet and ballad-like songs with a deeper meaning - either musically or lyrically - in their repertoire! If true emotions conspire with futuristic melodic-aggressive sound patterns, walls will be torn down! If I SPIT ASHES bends the bows of melodies, the arrows do not only hit your ears, but directly the heart. "If you attend a I SPIT ASHES concert, you’ll feel like you've seen a flying saucer landing right in front of you!", comments guitarist Emanuel Seis. Want to know what Emanuel is talking about? A few live videos are available at the band's youtube channel:


  New album on Massacre Records!
It seems like gothic metal became the national music for Finland - and among the leading acts you'll find TO/DIE/FOR. TO/DIE/FOR was founded in the middle of the 90's. They soon released some mini-albums on their own and their first album "All Eternity" followed in 1999, released through Spinefarm Records (Finland)/Nuclear Blast (Europe). Soon the band became well known within the gothic scene, not at last because of the excellent cover version of the 80's classic “In The Heat Of The Night” (originally by Sandra). A tour with in Flames and Sentenced followed and proved that TO/DIE/FOR is more than an overnight sensation. When their second album “Epilogue” was released in 2001, the single “Hollow Heart” reached a top position at the Finnish single charts in advance. A tour with Lacrimosa followed, another successful step in the history of this outstanding Gothic Metal act. After the band focused on the songwriting and took a small break, their third record “Jaded” was released in 2003. Once again a rocking gothic metal album, featuring those typical, melancholic and dark vocals of Jape Parätalo, which is one of the trademarks of the band. The fourth studio album "IV" (2005) followed and "Wounds Wide Open", the fifth studio album, was released in October 2006. In autumn 2007 the band decided to take a break. After many years of absence one of the pioneering gothic rock/metal bands is back with their new album "Samsara", which will be released in summer 2012! TO/DIE/FOR are: Jape TDF - Vocals Juppe Sutela - Guitar Antza Talala - Guitar Eza Viren - Bass Matti Huopainen - Drums Juska Salminen - Keyboards


  Studio update
THE FORSAKEN are currently in the studio to record their upcoming, yet untitled fourth album. The band has released the following update: “First studio report is now out on Phase I is a quick glimpse of bass recordings and the track "Beyond Redemption" scheduled to be part of the new upcoming album. We have not been taping all recordings with a plan, and the instrumental recordings will not come into a sequence - but, we felt it would be interesting nevertheless for people to see and hear what is coming for them.” Bass sessions: Vocal sessions and a glimpse of the track "As We Have Sown": Be prepared, 'cause the mixing duties have fallen on the legendary Fascination Street Studio (Amon Amarth, Opeth, etc.).

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